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Friday, February 20, 2009

Octo Mom

Okay everyone, what do you all think of Nadya Suleman (aka Octo Mom)?

When I first heard the news that a woman in California gave birth to 8 babies, I was surprised and happy for her. But the a few days later, news broke that this mom already has 6 other kids. So this ONE mom has 14 kids, and she's single and unemployed? Then she denies receiving any kind of financial help from the State, even though she's on food stamps. I am not trying to knock food stamps, we are on food stamps. :o)

I was disgusted when I read she launched her website asking for donations!

I am honestly tired of hearing about this woman. LOL Everyday something new comes out about her and it makes her sound even more crazy.

What do YOU think?


  1. I have four children and there is NO way that this woman is making it without state or government. I'm not familiar with the whole thing and haven't heard anything myself, but I know how hard it is with four children.

  2. @lia7704

    I don't know how you do it with 4 kids! EEK! LOL We are having a hard enough time with just ONE! :)

  3. Very carefully. Budgets are tight, but we are just trying to get by and make sure that they get their education and that we have a roof over our heads and the basic needs.

    I home school them to save money and it's through and it's FREE until they hit the 8th grade. That gives me time to save up for it until then. The government pays for it as it's considered an online public school and they supply everything except paper, pencils and they can even supply a computer and printer!

  4. This woman need professional help!

  5. This woman is totally selfish. She just wants attention and money. She's not capable of taking care of 8 premature babies that require special medical care round the clock. I feel sorry for those babies.

  6. I have to agree, I feel for ALL of the children!

  7. I have mixed feelings about her. She definitely needs psychiatric help, that's obvious. I'm sure having the whole world judge her doesn't help. I am very concerned for the health and safety of her children. She turned down the generous offer from Angel Wings to help her care for her family. I think the state will intervene and take the children, which I hate to say may be a blessing.

  8. I think this woman has a "must have children" complex. The doctor who helped her conceive the other 8 children should be forced out of business and his license taken. She may lose her children which would almost be a blessing to those kids. I was so angry when I read about her. Alot of deserving people could use food stamps and state help but the state of CA has to give to a women who just breeds? Please..Hopefully the state gets smart and sends her a letter saying "We will not help you anymore. If you have more children too bad. You provide for them. Thank you."


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