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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Going Homemade

I am always finding ways to save money, especially with the way the economy is. Have you found ways to cut down? Have you started making things at home, rather than go out and buy it in a store? If so, what? I am always looking for things to create at home, to help save money! I am sure our readers would love to hear your ideas!

We've started making our own homemade Arizona Green Tea! It saves us so much money, I am making a new pitcher at least once a day!

We are also going to make our own laundry soap! This sounds fun and I can't wait to see how long one batch will last us!

So, there are my money savers! Share yours!

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  1. Not sure if my ideas fit, but... I like to write letters. But fancy writing paper/envelopes are expensive. But I love to write/send on 'pretty' things. So... I make my own writing paper and envelopes.

    Simply by printing pretty pictures, found on the Net, on regular printing paper. So every letter is different.

    And I have 2 copies of an old decorating book, with big pages. I use one, to make envelopes out of pretty pics. The other, I keep on my shelf, because it's a 'keeper' book, once put out by the old 'Victoria' magazine. And gotten "used," for a very inexpensive price.

    How make envelopes? Simply cut out a pretty pic on a whole page. Fold it up, to make the "pocket" of the envelope, and over the top, to make the "closing." Take some Scotch tape and tape the sides of the envelope "pocket" together. Put your letter inside and fold the top flap over, and seal it, with Scotch tape.

    Every letter I write and every envelope I use, can be different. And the envelopes especially, are quite spectacular. :-)))

    Please click on this link and go to a post I did, about making envelopes. In my post, is a link to the place where I learned how to do this. And a picture of one envelope, I made. I have so much fun doing this, that I've made lots of posts, showing pics of "my" envelopes.

    I don't show my return address or the name/address of the person I'm sending it to {in the pictures}, though. Just cover them, with little pieces of paper, to take the picture, but you still can see the pretty envelope.

    'Aunt Amelia'
    'Dear you' blog----

    'Aunt Amelia's Attic' blog


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