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Monday, July 27, 2009

Houseplant Care Tips

Do you have a brown thumb when it comes to houseplants? As a houseplant addict, I have several tips I have learned throughout the years to help others successfully keep your houseplants growing and thriving. Did you know houseplants naturally clean and filter your indoor air? Houseplants bring many benefits including calmness, productivity, and cheer to any room or office they are in. Plants can also help keep you healthy and reduce sick days!

The easiest way to kill a houseplant is over watering. Over watering refers to watering your plants more than the plant needs. With my plants, I try to water once a week or when the soil is dry to the touch. There is no need to water a plant everyday. When you do water your plants, make sure to drain the water from the plant dish, do not let your plants sit in water! Plants do not like having wet feet.

Assess the light your plants are receiving during the day. Are they receiving enough light? If you are unsure, check the tag that your plant came with, it lists what type of light your plant needs and watering instructions. If there is no tag, check online, there are many helpful websites, forums, and resources. Houseplants don’t like direct sunlight. In addiction, be sure to rotate your plants every few days, so they will grow evenly and each side receives sunlight.

Clean your plants. Take a soft cloth or damp paper towel and wipe the leaves of your plants. If you prefer, bathe your plants. Put them in the bathtub and light spray them with water.

I have learned that fertilizer is not required with houseplants. If your plants are receiving plenty of water and sunlight, they should thrive without fertilizer.

I hope my simple tips have helped you with the basics. I truly hope my tips have helped some. I love houseplants and adding new plants to my collection. Good luck to you!

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