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Saturday, November 20, 2010


November is Military Family Appreciation Month here in the States. I may not agree with all of my governments decisions, but I respect and support the American servicemen and women in the military, especially those of the National Guard. I wanted to serve, but could not due to medical reasons. My Grandfather was in the Air Force, my uncle was a Marine, and my little brother this past spring finished basic training for the National Guard, and could potentially be shipped out. No matter the politics, these men and women serve their country, their families, other folks the world over, for ideals higher than themselves. 

In the case of the National Guard, many choose to serve while maintaining their private/personal lives, rather than lengthier/full time service. No matter if it is the Guard or another branch, or here in America or elsewhere in the world, military personnel may have a great sacrifice not necessarily of their personal choosing, but one of duty and honor.

To honor these folks, I have created the OPERATION SOLDIER SWAP, to combine my interest in postcard swapping, and to offer something to those National Guards who are serving overseas. I have contacted the National Guard, via their Facebook page, asking if there are soldiers overseas who may be interested in corresponding once a month through postcard exchanges, as some may not get much in the way of mail. I have contacted friends on my Michigan Swappers group (Facebook), and those on the I love postcards :) page (Facebook) if they may have an interest in helping. I've yet to hear back from any soldiers, but the National Guard page responded that it was a wonderful and interesting idea!

I hope to correspond with some of those who are serving, and hope that this project in some way gives them something to make their duty a little better...

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