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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kayla's Handmade Letter Writing Sets

If you are looking for out-of the ordinary letter sets and envelopes, then perhaps you are already very familiar with the designs offered by Kayla at her Facebook Group: Kayla's Handmade Letter Writing Sets Stationery
Her idea about setting up the Facebook group begins with her own experience as a penpal and swapper just like all of us. Most of the shops out there that offer lettersets are theme specific but also quite popular and widely seen. However, if you a member of the small but very vivid group of penpals that prefer to have your own and very unique set of stationary, checking out Kayla's designs will be the right thing to do! She offers you the chance not only to customize your own stationary, but also provides quite diverse pre-made designs – you’re your favorite TV series and actors through stationary that are movie specific to the usual cartoon characters that you always wanted to have. I just randomly picked few of her designs that I personally love. As you can see my top 3 would be from the TV screen: Twilight design and True Blood (Yeah, vampires are very popular these days!) and lastly but not least the supernatural David Borreneaz in Angel. They are super cute and on very reasonable prices. I would say even very cheap prices. The payment is done through paypal or through stamps (you have to ask Kayla about the last option).



This article is posted here with permission


  1. Wow that is really creative! I'm going to look your Fb page up.

  2. I'm not much for the traditional letter writing, but I shared a link of the photo tab from your Fb with everyone on my list, maybe you will get new joiners and customers :)

  3. Thank you for the comments. Kayla will appreciate any new customers! You can always check for more updates on stores and interesting places dealing with PenPalling and Correspondence.


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