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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back to School Time!

About a month ago, my son went back to school!  He's in preschool again this year and loves it.  He seems to be doing better than last year.  He knows what to expect and already used to the routine of going to school.  Last year he was in the special education class and had the same teacher as last year.  However, now he's going to be in the other preschool classroom that has more students.  This class also has more boys in it and most (if not all) the students talk!  My son needs this exposure to more students and be able to observe and listen to other kids his age talking!  I am really excited and hope that he will be more verbal and use words instead of whining. 

Do you have children?  Are they enjoying school?  How was the back to school shopping?  Were you prepared for them to go back to school?

Our back to school shopping wasn't too difficult.  He had the backpack from last year and that's about all he needed for supplies.  He did need more clothes for school as his school requires uniforms.  I wanted to have more pants and shirts on hand for him.  We now have new polo shirts and pants that he wears to school.  He wears his school clothes 24/7 because he is picky with clothes that he wears.  We do not have any pajamas for him as it saves time getting him ready in the morning with changing clothes.  If he's in clothes that he likes, he won't want to change into new clothes.  I'd rather avoid a tantrum/whining fest if at all possible. 

Do you have a back to school story to share?

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