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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thoughts From Me

For my first official posting here with these wonderful people, I thought I would introduce myself and share some of what I am all about, as well as the kind of content I have an interest of sharing. All while I am scarfing my Aunt Ethel's most deeee-lish stuffed pepper mix, MmMmMm...

I am 34 and have grown up all over the U.S. east of the Mississippi from Michigan to Florida, currently residing in S.W. Mi. I have had many wonderful and trying life experiences, to say that I have been around the block is more than an understatement. I have many experiences and interests to draw upon and grow forth from; I love to share my thoughts and ideas, I like my perspective to be understood, but I never force my opinions and way of life onto others. I have long had a passion for writing, reading, drawing, traveling, and so many things in-between. I both embrace and curse the Internet within my life.

I joined Facebook just over a year ago, while I have been on various social-chat sites and Yahoo! group sites based on my interests, I had never really cared for Internet social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. However, after joining Facebook many wonderful-though-often-time-consuming possibilities began to take fruit. I am generally rather a home-body, very selective in the social circles and events I participate in, so with Fb I am able to communicate with friends and family more frequently than before, and have come to acquire a broad and varied range of friends of many backgrounds and personal interests.

I've started a blog site here and there, but with limited following and follow through. I have a broad range of interests to share and Fb has really helped me to find fellowship in my many endeavors. As I start to contribute here with Snail Mail Pals, a connection made via Fb, I also have a few groups or pages on Fb that I have started to share with friends, family and the world.

I think I have a better than average skill with the written word, but I also know that I have a lot more to learn and practice. My thoughts often ramble and my fingers seem to have a mind all their own.

As far as writing, and blogging, I have many different interests: sharing my love of certain t.v. shows, movies, books, history, culture, travel, fan-fiction, current events, politics, cooking, hobbies, and just the random thought.

On Fb I have started a group called the Vicarious Vagabond Project 2010 to combine my interest in world travel, culture, and blogging. I have invited all my Fb friends to join and for them to pass it along to all their friends and family as well, in hopes of achieving a million members to help support the endeavor in all the different ways they may. In a nutshell the ideology behind the Project is to garner financial and other support to fund a year long journey of world travel, where I would blog back to the world via Facebook on my travels, reporting on all things cultural, and hopefully helping to spread more understanding of different cultures.

I have joined a really special group of Facebookers who share and collect postcards from all over the world. I have started to collect and share cards with many new and interesting friends via I Love Postcards :) on Fb. It is a lot of fun, and always a pleasant surprise to receive a postcard in the mail now and again.

I have long enjoyed writing and sharing fan-fiction ideas with others, and have started my own Fb page for sharing fan-fiction stories, called FB FAN-FIX with G.J. Lentz. I sometimes get rather stuck in what I consider my professional writing, so as a way to keep the words and ideas flowing, I thought a Fb page for the casual fan-fiction short story would be fun, and have invited everyone I know to join and share whatever genre they have interests in.

I don't know that I will ever have the skill or talent to be a successful writer, but I have a dream of being published one day. I try to take time each day to work out different ideas- be it a paragraph or two from some random inspiration, an outline for those ideas to be worked out into a full fledged story, or random scenario writing as the muse teases me along new paths. I actually wouldn't mind at all making a living as a ghostwriter, to sell my works or ideas for someone else to use. I'm not really concerned about fame so much as I am fortune!

So here I am, after having joined the group from Fb, and seeing the call for all writers to take up the cause of the Blog! I thought cool! I can do this! Through Fb Notes I wrote a little something in regards to American Chopper: Sr. vs. Jr., as an answer to one of the topics being sought. I look forward to exploring this group more, reading and sharing my ideas, and making new friends!

Gregory on Facebook
Facebook Fan-Fiction w/ G.J. Lentz
Gregory's Vicarious Vagabond Project 2010 on Facebook

1 comment:

  1. I love reading your post. If you ever get published or publish a book, I would buy it. I love your writing and be able to read what you are thinking.

    The postcard group that you mention sounds fun! I will have to check it out.


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