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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sr. vs. Jr. Part 2: Paulie's New Web Bike & the Geico Bike

The bikes look fantastic, as always! Though I have not watched the latest episode, I did a search online with Google to snag a few pictures of the web themed bikes for my next installment in following the new series. I was pleasantly surprised to see finished bikes! Here they are below, I did not get proper credit for the images, but of course they were found online, and the bikes are the creation of Paul Jr. Design and/or O.C.C.

Jr.'s Anti-Venom
Paul Jr. Design's Geico themed bike

Both designs are sick as all get-out, very impressive bikes to kick off Paulie's business and show to Senior that Paulie can too build bikes!

The Anti-Venom bike is just beautiful, a great compliment to the previous web-themed designs from O.C.C., bikes that Paulie is very proud of and have garnered quite a following of. His new shop started off pretty rocky: not having all his equipment, power issues, the unfortunate and tragic death of a non-shop worker, staffing issues, and having not been able to get a paying build...until Geico came along. So Paulie did the right thing, he started a bike build. Not a bike build for a client, but a personal build for himself and his crew to break in the new team and begin a new chapter in Junior's life. 

He had decided on another web themed bike, which both I and Vinnie seemed leery of at first. It's already been done at O.C.C. and by Paulie. I first thought, "Nooooooo..." It should have been a completely new concept to incarnate Paulie's separation from O.C.C. and being his own Man. Don't get me wrong, I loved the web bikes, especially the Spiderman bike, but I just shook my head at this idea of an Anti-Venom bike. However, as it started to unfold, I slowly changed my mind. It was starting to prove to be a design that could stand on it's own; while being reminiscent of the past, it was-and-is an embodiment of moving forward. 

Spiderman theme bike: O.C.C.
web themed bike: O.C.C.

I was very excited and enthusiastic for the team of Paul Jr. Designs to acquire the Geico build. It was what the business needed, both Paulie and his team. And the finished bike is just phenomenal, a testimony to Paulie's design skill and the passion of his friends who have joined him- as well as proof to Senior that Paulie has what it takes to build quality custom bikes in his own right. Not having sen the latest episode, nor reading anything of it, I still don't know if they were completed in time for the unveiling at Sturgis, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were, and I look forward to seeing what transpired and what else this saga unfolds in the future. 

As I follow this series, I have great hopes and respect for Paulie as he builds his own business, but too I hope he and his father may find solutions to their personal troubles, because business is business, but family is family. On a personal level, I haven't always had the best of relations with my parents, or my siblings for that matter, but I recently lost my father and it has been hard. I am happy for the time I had with him prior to his passing, but it still pains me to think of the time lost...because in life we can think we have all the time in world but then something like a loved one passing just proves that time is too short.

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