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Friday, October 1, 2010


IMMIGRATION issues have long spawned many a debate here in the U.S. Personally I have no objections to immigration, I only object to illegals taking up American jobs and bleeding our social infrastructure- especially during these times of great economic struggle. 

I understand the concerns Hispanic-Americans have in regards to the laws Arizona has set forth in an attempt  to secure the border and thwart continued illegal immigration, but I feel too that like with any law of this land, people are trying to take advantage and hide behind the law. I can empathize with any people desiring to live and work in this great nation, and I too can empathize and value their determination to rise above their struggles and the limited opportunities they may face in their homelands, and while this nation was founded by European colonization and the great influx of immigrants of which our families are derived from, we have laws that they must abide by, laws that protect this nation from being abused and taken advantage of from within. 

The topic of racial profiling in Arizona is rather tricky; yes, it is a shame and should be illegal to have your citizenship questioned by the authorities because of the color of your skin, but when you have illegals here who look like any other Hispanic-American citizen, what do you do to uphold the laws of immigration and protect the same economy and jobs, rights and safeties of this land that ALL Americans enjoy by right of birth and law of the land. Were it that I had to have my I.D. checked and questioned if I was a legal citizen because we had a serious issue with Canadian immigration I would not cry foul. I would do my duty as a Patriot, and proudly proclaim and prove my right to be here, rather than be a hindrance to the authorities and the progress of making this land safe and prosperous. 

I think it is a shame that in this country so many twist and abuse the laws of the lands for their own gain- right from the top of power in this nation on down to the common. Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves with disgust as to how this nation has been heading, how the laws and rights they founded for us have been trampled and spit upon. 

Life is not always easy, and in this land of equal opportunity life isn't always fair either. We were never guaranteed to have the same successes as the next guy, but we have always been guaranteed that their exists the equal opportunity. The founders of this nation saw to it to create and protect a society where Americans had the right for opportunity, and many over the ages have put their lives on the line, sacrificed, bleed, and died for the rights and opportunities we have today. I don't have to put my life or way of life on the line for my freedoms as so many others have, but if in the very least I had to sacrifice my pride to help ensure the integrity of this nation and the future of this nation, I'd gladly do so. 

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