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Friday, October 8, 2010

WANTED: Fan Fiction Writers & Readers...all genres

By G.J. Lentz
WANTED: Fan Fiction Writers & Readers for all genres on FB FAN-FIX w/ G.J. Lentz.

This Facebook Page was created by Moi, to share the fun and interesting world of fan fiction writing with the world via Facebook. While I have my own genres of interest that I like to write and read of, this Page invites writers & readers for all genres to join and share in their works and love for whatever genre suits them!

Currently I have started writing for the Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars genres, with ideas for others like Underworld, and the zombie/undead/end-of-the-world genres. I'd love to meet and discuss writing with new people, and to share and bounce ideas off one another. 

If you have never heard of fan fiction, here is the skinny:

Fan fiction is a genre of writing all of itself. In the writing world you have fiction and non-fiction, you have autobiographies, biographies, historical, you have horror, mystery, romance, young adult, science fiction, fantasy...Fan fiction is the writing of fiction by fans of an existing concept, be it a t.v. show, movie, comic book...

Many people get into fan fiction because they have a real love for a specific show, book, comic, or idea, and they want to write for it or read more of it. Simply they want to be more involved in that "world" than just what is offered from the original content. Like Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings; these genres have a huge cult following that have spawned such elements as role-playing games, online games, fan sites, and what has been coined as "expanded universes". Creative people want to continue what they love about these characters and worlds, some like to write stories about these characters and worlds, others like to read them. Often in fan fiction, fans will create their own plots and their own heroes & villains within that genre. They didn't create the worlds of Star Wars or Harry Potter, or the main characters, but they do create from their love and imagination unique and interesting characters and story lines inspired by the original content. 

The world of fan fiction is not just about "pretending", there is a market for it. The whole genre of role-playing games, traditional and online, are aimed at such people to create and act out adventures n the realms they have interest in. Just about any genre or concept seems to have a RPG. I for one eagerly await the new Star Wars MMO, and have in my youth played RPGs like Star Wars, Battletech, and  D&D.

In high school I came across a series of Star Wars novels by Timothy Zahn, which has spawned many series of Star Wars books over the years, continuing the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Han and Chewie, and the struggles of that galaxy far, far away. They are known as the Expanded Universe, tales sprung from the love and success of George Lucas' Star Wars saga. Until the new Prequelogy (I am coining that word, lol) came out, people couldn't get enough, a series of books have since been published by author who are fans and have a love for the science-fiction genre. The difference between them and people like me, they get paid and published. Maybe one day I could too. 

It's not just enough for me to create and talk about these worlds I love and extrapolate from, I want to share them, and I want to collaborate and discuss ideas. I want to see the group grow and branch off, I want to see people enjoy and share and having fun. 

Aside from the more well known and common genres of Star Wars and Harry Potter, for example, I have also made room for the genre of Alternate History. The alternate history genre is in many ways like Dr. Who, or Sliders, the realm of visiting different variations of the history and world we know and live in. Think 1984, or Harry Turtledoves' Confederate States of America. Any time-era or event of history that someone has an interest of, but has an idea of how things "could have been" different, is ripe for fiction. So being a fan of the American Civil War, and main characters like Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Presidents Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, fan fiction could be comprised of re-writing history. 

So come on over to FB FAN-FIX with G.J.Lentz and get your "fan fix" by joining and sharing. Even if your not into writing, but like to read new stories in the genres of your interest, join up and read the works, or leave comments asking us to write on a genre you have an interest or idea of...

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  1. I am a die hard fanfic writer and reader. I usually write Buffy the Vampire, Charmed, and am currently trying my hand at some animes (Japanese cartoons). Fanfiction is a world of fun. I will be checking out to find this group. Sounds like fun!


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