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Friday, October 8, 2010

Battlestar Galactica Fan Fiction

I've enjoyed reading and writing of various fan fiction genres for several years. I have started a fan-fiction page on Facebook to share my fan-fiction writing for others to join and share their own fan fiction fun. Currently I have been working on a series of Battlestar Galactica inspired fan fictions, called Battlstar Orion: Fall of the Colonies

Fall of the Colonies follows the crew of the Orion, an advanced training detachment of the fleet. In the first two parts, titled Homecoming, the Orion has docked in orbit around Picon after a long 6 month training exercise, the crew eagerly awaits a long deserved leave. Unfortunately for them though, in keeping with the BSG line of events, their homecoming and desires for leave will be met with disaster, as the Cylons have begun their attack on the Colonies.

Unlike the Galactica storyline, the Orion will be staying about the Colonies to search for survivors and battle their Cylon enemies. My fan fiction works in this genre will explore "the end of the world" scenarios, and explore the devastations of Cylon occupied worlds of the is a "special edition" posting of the first two parts of Homecoming, with added pictures from the web, which are- of course copyrighted- only used to add some visual element to the tales...

Battlestar Orion: Fall of the Colonies
Homecoming Part 1
By G.J. Lentz

The Battlestar Orion is the flagship of an advanced training detachment of the Colonial Fleet. The Orion has been on a long and arduous training exercise in deep space, its crew is due for a long deserved and awaited leave. However, their homecoming will prove to be anything but joyous...

...Colonel  Horatio Quinn...

Horatio traced the curves of her body with a feather. He watched the very fine hairs rise as slight goosebumps were raised from her flesh.

She shifted on the bed beside him. Having held in the urge to squirm all she could, Elannara curled into a ball and giggled. "Alright! Alright, I'm up already!" She turned to face him with a mischevious grin.

Horatio met hers with a grin of his own as he flicked the feather playfully, teasing her nose and lips, taking joy at the site of her exquisite face squishing comically from the tickling of the feather. She was beautiful, he thought as he gazed into her dark, almond shaped eyes. His heart skipped a beat as she locked her gaze to his own hazel eyes.

"Why won't you come to Virgon with me? You've nothing to be ashamed of," he whispered to her as he lightly brushed his lips to hers. "You would be accepted, it's different with my family, they would love you."

He sat up and pulled her close to him, embracing her. She smiled at the prospect, but he could still sense the reservation she held within as he held her close, but not tightly.

"We've been through this before Horatio," she said with a sigh, and he could feel her tension.  "It's complicated and I don't want to be brought into that aspect of your life until I am ready. I know they would be accepting, I just feel..."

"You feel an outsider because you have no family and think you have nothing to offer in return," Horatio said, finishing her sentence as they had been over and over the topic a thousand times. "You've nothing to feel less of Elennara," he tried to reassure her again for the thousandth time. "I understand your feelings, being alone without family ties, orphaned at such an early age. You feel the Fleet is your only home and family, well I am part of the fleet, part of your family. I just want to offer you another part, give you something more than what you have."

uh-oh, Elennara is a Sharon!?
"I know, I know...I just," she replied as she searched for the words. "You already have three wives, and they bring so much to your family: Kayla runs the ranch and her family helped you to start the conservation fund, Olivia is a teacher and will home-school your kids, and Tonya is a financial whiz...what do I have to offer, that they would want to share me with you? I'm just an average grunt in the Colonial Marines who helps you pass the time..."

"Stop it right there," he said with more annoyance than he wished he'd allowed, but he was growing very frustrated with same tirade everytime he tried to change her mind. "You know you're more than just that to me. Why else would I continually try to offer for you to meet my wives and kids, to offer you a place in my family, to give you a family life outside of the fleet?

Yes they all have family backgrounds and skills and educations that bring many great things to the family, but so do you. You're a fighter, a share with me an aspect of my life, my professional life that they don't. That is your place in my life, you would be a connection between the personal and professional, a part of my life they don't always understand and that is hard for me to share.

You're not just a means to pass time until I can be home. You would have your place just as they have theirs. In fact, they would be more than pleased to have someone like you as part of the family, someone that is up here with me sharing in that part of my life. They would accept and see you for the wonderful and caring person you are, and they would respect and appreciate you, having my back up here."

"You really think so?" she said with less reservation and a dash of hopefulness. "I wouldn't be a wedge...or a..."

"You would just be you, bringing and offering all that you are. You are a compliment to what I have and love of the others, not a hinderance, not a passing of time. I'm just asking that you give it a chance, try it'd be surprised."

"I know, Gods I'm so damned stubborn, really I don't see how you have kept interest in me."

what Horatio's quarters would look like
"I like your stubborness," Horatio said as he massaged the final tension from her bare shoulders. "I love you Elannara, and so will they, and you will love them to. We'll take things as they come, I'm not trying to rush you into anything, but if this is going to work I need you to try and be a part of my family life, and then you will see..."

"You're right, and I love you too," she said. "Its just so different, than the mainstream. I didn't grow up with the traditional family, but it was what I have always wanted and dreamed of. Joining the Marines and finding that filled that void, but I was still missing something...and with you...I've never felt this. I guess in some ways too I am apprehensive of sharing you...I don't know how I am supposed to act..."

"You have to relearn how you think about the family dynamic. And just be yourself as I have told you a thousand times over. One of the things that drew me to you was the fact that you grew up without a traditional family life, but at your core you yearn for that belonging that only a family has to offer. Not very many people who are not from Virgo, who didn't grow up like I did with more than one mother or father can really know or appreciate what it has to offer. You grew up without any...but you don't have to be alone anymore."

He sat with her, embraced for a long quite moment. It was peaceful and he felt he had finally broken through her many walls. He really did love her, and if she found her place with his other wives he would ask her to marry him, to be his new wife.

what Virgon might be like?
His culture was very open minded, very different from the mainstream of the 12 Colonies. Virgon was set apart from the other Colonies in many ways; they were greatly involved with nature preservation and education amidst a worlds-wide culture that was ever increasingly dominated by increased over-development and reliance on technology- often at the cost of depleting natural resources and wildlife. Virgon was a beautiful world whose people wished to maintain and protect its natural resources and wonder. During the Cylon War over 40 years ago the planet had seen great devastation at the hands of the techno-terrors the Colonials had created. They had been a means to make life easier o the Colonials so that they could put forth their energies and labors to greater things, but instead they had only wrought greater destruction. It took many years but Virgon was a leader among the Colonies in righting much of the wrong that was perpetrated by the machines. His world, his people, were a leader in bringing life back from the ashes of war. Five of the most prominent and leading of eco-management and naturalist technologies corporations were founded and based on Virgon.

Virgon was also known for its polygamist family values, only one other Colony, Geminon, had such an open and untraditional set of core family values. Geminons polygamy was rooted deep in spiritual values though, which made it more accepted. The cultures of Geminon had long been known for their faith, and to Horatio it was a great quality though he held little in regard to faith. His people weren't so much followers of religion of spirit, rather over generations Virgon transformed the dogma of faith into a more naturalist sort of religion. Where most believers of the Gods valued a pantheon of deities, Virgon saw each of the different Gods as a different face of facet of a more singular or monotheistic spirit. And rather than placing their hopes and dreams in the personified hands of the Lords of Kobal, they saw the Gods in the wonder of all nature and life. They saw the dynamics of family too in nature, like the lion prides of the vast Virgon Wild Plains, where there were more than just the standard union of couples, like the old saying went, it took a village.

"I'll go with you Horatio," Elennara said, breaking his deep thought.

Virgon from space?
He was pleased. He wanted to make much more of their relationship. He never felt like he was cheating on his other wives, and though he was brought up with such open values, he wanted the relationship to have meaning, and not just a "fling or passing of time" as Elennara had often described it. His wives knew of her, that she often shared his bed while he was away on duty. They were accepting of his seeking companionship while away for long and trying times of duty. His wives had their boyfriends, Kayla had even recently married again, bringing a 2nd husband into the fold. It was their way.

They were both due a lengthy and well deserved leave after a grueling six month long exercise in deep space. As a colonel aboard the Orion, his duties were near never ending, helping to command a battlestar was no easy task, nor was managing a family of multiple wives, husbands, children...his family life was not too unlike that of his military career. He relished them both. He looked forward to bringing her home to Virgon. He knew it would be bring them closer and that...

An explosion rocked the ship.

Horatio and Elennara were thrown from the bed as subsequent explosions rocked and vibrated violently through the ships hull.

"What the frack!?" they cursed in unison as alarms blared throughout the ship...

a battle scene pic from the t.v. series...

Homecoming Part 2 (By G.J. Lentz)

The Battlestar Orion has recently returned from a 6 month training exercise in deep space. Docked in orbit over the Picon Colony, the Fleet Headquarters, the Orion has been on twelve of a twenty-four hour mandatory lock-down prior to its crew being able to make leave...

...Major Maya Nguyen...

"12 more hours and we're home free people," Major Nguyen announced, a she had every hour, on the hour, since the Orion had dry docked in orbit around Picon.

"The Admiral sure scuttled off though didn't he," one of the Major's subordinates commented, a systems tech by the name of Phoebe.

Maya Nguyen was in charge of the ship and the finalization of docking procedures after a mission. Colonel Quinn was actually in-charge, but he had shared the 24 hour watch with Nguyen as the Admiral, being more a bureaucrat than officer, was able to make leave at once, while the rest of the ship had a mandatory 24 hour lock-down procedure before the crew were able to make leave.

"Knock it off ensign, when you're Admiral you can pretty much do as you please," Maya replied back sharply. Moral was rather low, but not dangerously so.

the Orion (actually the Pegasus from the t.v. series)
They had all been on an extended and arduous 6 month advanced training exercise; being docked with the beautiful watery world of Picon below them, and stuck on lock-down for another 24 hours before a long and well deserved leave took its toll to even the most seasoned of the enlisted. She understood her crews sentiment though, but as an officer in the Fleet, regardless of personal feelings, it was her duty to maintain standards and procedure.

Admiral Ororod did not garner the complete respect of those under him; he had connections, came from a well-to-do family with important political ties, more a bureaucrat with aspirations for a political career than a military career, he ran his detachment more like a business than the military unit it was. He may have been far from the most inspirational of fleet officers, but his politically minded motivations also helped to ensure that the Orion was one of the top training vessels in all the fleet.

"Keep on kissing ass until one day you get your Ass badge," Maya continued with a smirk to lighten the mood within the C.I.C. Numerous chuckles eased the tension, and the crew continued with their preparations.

"What's your plans for leave Major?" asked Captain Maeric. "I've been dreaming of the Atlas Peaks for weeks now, going to do some serious hiking and camping, nothing but nature and quiet time for me after this tour!"

"I hear you there," Maya replied with a smile. She never tired of Maeric's stories, especially after being cooped up in deep space aboard a Battlestar for months on end. His descriptive tales of his adventures exploring the natural wonders of all twelve Colonies were sometimes a blessing. "My little brother just graduated from the Colonial University of Libran, Social Sciences major. He wants to change the worlds you know. Looking forward to some quality time with the family planet side, nothing as exciting as your natural escapades, just good 'ol fashioned R&R."

Cpt. Maeric smiled, a warm and inviting smile that softened his rough- but not unpleasant features. He was a big-boy, having grown up on rugged Ares, he had first served in the Colonial Marines, looked every bit a Marine too: close cropped hair, bulky build with squared shoulders and jaw...for as much as he loved the physical endures of being a Marine, he decided to join the Fleet after his stint with the Marines was up- and fell in love with the stars as much as his love for all things of nature. Now he was Viper pilot, a squadron leader, and a damn fine one at that.

The C.I.C. 
"I've finished the report compilations, hopefully all the bugs will get worked out by time we are due to ship out again, this last tour sure was fubar, eh?" he said as he slapped the report file down on the table. They had endured many technical glitches with some of the newer systems being tested aboard the Orion, the ship was to receive an entire over haul while docked, and while they all took a well deserved leave to be overhauled themselves.

At that exact moment, the C.I.C. was rocked as the ship endured a massive explosion. Sparks shot out from multiple terminals, glass shattered and the lights flickered. Many of those serving in the Command Information Center were thrown from their posts or from where they had been standing. Bodies flew with debris as a succession of explosions rocked the ship.

Alarm claxons whaled as emergency lighting flashed an eery amber illumination within the C.I.C.

"My Gods!" Maya gasped as she regained her footing and wiped the blood from her nose. She had taken a pretty good smacking to her face with the first explosion, but she wasn't about to let a little blood and pain keep her from her duty.

Captain Maeric looked at the strewn files for a moment, shocked at the sudden event as he had slapped the file down on th table, almost as if he had somehow caused the event. It only took him a split second to recover. "Frak'n-A we're under attack!"

a battle scene from the t.v. series
"SIT-REP!" Maya bellowed, commanding a situation report. She gazed up at the Draedis array but it was nothing but snow, it offered her no intelligence.

"I've got multiple hull impacts aft and starboard," came a reply. "Definitely not from within...we were hit, systems are all screwed, having a hell of time getting anything from outside!"

"Com! I need to know what the frak is going on! Issue condition one throughout the ship, all quarters battle-stations!" Maya commanded as she turned to Major Maeric. "Get me some eyes in the skies Captain, Draedis is frakked and outside communications seem to be jammed. I need to know what is going on!"

Maeric gave a curt salute and ran off from C.I.C. to get a squad launched as ordered.

Maya turned to one of the Marines stationed at the C.I.C. hatch, "Marine! get Colonel Quinn to C.I.C. now!"

The marine, a young woman with fear in her eyes, nodded and ran out to fulfill her orders, training taking over her fears.

"Somebody tell me something for fraksake!" Maya said out of frustration more than for the lack of her people not being able to do their duties. They had been hit and hard, they were nearly blind and obviously caught unawares.

Cylon Basestar firing on a Colonial Battlestar

Maeric raced down the passage from C.I.C. to the squadron ready rooms, which would lead him to the Viper and Raptor bays. The ship was bustling with personnel like a disturbed hive of bees. They all knew their duties, nobody needed told what to do. They had a lot of raw recruits aboard, but they had some of the most well trained officers in the Fleet to take charge of any situation.

A handful of his pilots were already making for the launch bays. The C.A.G., Major Neesa "Artemis" Joone joined him.

"I was in C.I.C., all systems are frakked, any idea what just happened?" Maeric asked his C.O.

"I've got Nike launching now with Hellcat Squadron," Artemis replied. "Chief's got fire squads aft and starboard, whatever the hells hit us got us with our pants down. You're my wing Ares," Neesa commanded, using his call sign, "I've got Hellcat squad checking aft, Nike's going vertical, you and I are going starboard."

A Viper Mark vii
Both had reached the bay and split apart to their respective Viper fighters.


Nike launched out from the Orion's bay, her instrument panels were fuzzy, something was screwing with her systems. The Raptor was a specially designed and outfitted craft for intelligence gathering, it's systems were some of the most advanced in military craft but seemed worthless at the moment. She pounded her fists on the panel, cursing the Gods.

"I really don't think that's gonna help L.T." her co-pilot chided to his Lieutenant from the systems command consol behind the cockpit.

"Shut it up Glimmer," she said irritably as they were about to clear the hangar for space. "When I want your opinion I will tell you what it is."

The blue and white marbled orb of the world of Picon filled her viewport. The Orion was docked on the outside rung of docking stations that orbited the world. A sharp turn right and vertical would clear them of the Orion and the docking station for a birds-eye view of their surroundings.

Her systems were still garbled, patchy communications came intermittently. "C.I.C. this is Nike, do you copy?" she tried her comm, hoping that direct communications line with Orion wouldn't be a screwed as the rest of the Fleet wide bans. She couldn't very well do her job if she couldn't communicate to the Orion or her squadrons.

nuclear attack on the Colonies
"Oh for fraksake!" Nike cursed with a startling and uncharacteristic fear behind her words.

His systems array as much a mess as hers, Glimmer unbuckled and took two steps forward to see out the ship, and for once in his in being paired with Nike, he was speechless.


Maeric and Joone, call signs Ares and Artemis, both launched from the bay. Their sleek Mark VII Vipers shooting out from the belly of the massive Orion. They curved starboard in unison, as Nike and her Raptor headed for a higher vantage from the opposite side of the ship.

"Ares, CAG, you copy?" Neesa asked over the channel that was broad-casted between the squads and to the C.I.C.

"Copy CAG, Ares loud and clear. Orion?" Maeric asked. "You copy C.I.C.?"

Major Nguyen's voice came through clearly, "Copy that, what the frak do you see?"

Nike's message came in clear, as did her exclamation; "Oh for fraksake!"

Before either C.I.C. or Artemis could reply, she and her wingman, Ares, were of position forward of the Orion.

another battle scene from the BSG t.v. series
It was carnage. The entire docking platform was spewing debris, air, smoke, bodies, and explosions erupted from all over the platform and from over a dozen ships docked. Above the horrific view were the trails of incoming missiles, and the looming star shaped forms of their aggressors.

"Cylons," Neesa stated calmly and coolly amidst the destruction. She was often referred to as the Ice Queen, for she was rather cold and methodical, she cared not for the pretentiousness of emotions.

A well trained and season Marine, let alone Viper jock, even Maeric felt a chill down his spine as Neesa said Cylons over the comm. No hint of emotion, not even surprise, not even the barest spit of fear colored her word.

Neesa just stared out into space, taking in the view. She was mesmerized by the form of the Basestars, like sleek and monstrous starfish, the streaking plumes of hundreds of missiles, the explosions all about her...a symphony of destruction. Something in her found the terrible site to be satisfying.

"Artemis?" Maeric called. "Major!" Again with no response. "Neesa, for fraksake!"

A Raptor vessel
Nike's frantic but well trained voice took over the channel, "Uh we have multiple incomings, I've only got a visual, all systems are frakked, something is jamming us pretty damn good. I'm seeing maybe five enemy craft, big frakkers too, never seen anything like them, but they kinda resemble the old Basestars, who the frak-else would be attacking us?!"

Glimmer continued the situation report, "Orion the whole frakkin platform is taking heavy hits, got multiple friendlies under fire, get out of docking now!"

Lieutenant Guy "Phoenix"  Darson came in on the channel, he was in command of the Hellcat squadron. "Phoenix here, we have incoming enemy fighters, moving in to engage. All Viper's follow my lead!"
Cylon Raider

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